What is SML?


3 Letters, endless possibilities.  However, they do stand for something: Secondhand, Minimal, Life-style (see HIGH/LOW below).

We are not defined by a label or price tag at the SML shop, nor is thrifty considered broke - it’s for the WOKE. We consider luxury a choice. Choosing to shop from brands, designers, products that have a conscious - like preloved, fair trade, ethical, and transparent production - aka sustainable, is a way of life - and style.

The principle that you don't have to have all of the things. Just the things that are worth it. Be a smarter shopper-in trend, out of debt...

The philosophy that you can mix high style at a lower cost and still be fashionable. That a designer name or brand doesn't define you; embrace your style and become an empowered consumer. Shop consciously.


Clothing, accessories, footwear and more mixed & matched into thrifted outfits that are inspired by seasonal trends.

Stylist Melissa Lynn

Not broke, just spent. Ive been a wardrobe stylist for 15+ years working for personal and celebrity clientele with a Merchandise Marketing fashion degree from FIDM. 

Through my styling experience I realized I could utilize a viable resource like thrift stores, second-hand and vintage outlets to maintain trendy looks for my clients with lower budgets, as well as satisfy the taste for finer things with statement pieces and vintage luxury for those who appreciate one of a kind quality (over quantity). 

My passion for thrifting started at a young age - my earliest memory of being at a charity shop (Assistance League visiting my grandma) and getting to pick ONE item to bring home with my mom. Its' been an activity and supplemental resource that I've always kept close to my heart.  When I'm lacking inspiration but in the mood to create, I thrift. When I feel lost and tired, I thrift. When I need something special and unique, I thrift. To me, I thrive as a thrifter. It's a skill, and not for all. But, technique and tricks can be taught. I strongly believe that fashion is an industry and style is a state of mind.

The goal is to share what I've learned in my business and as someone personally passionate about living a #highlow lifestyle to inspire you to be creative and resourceful with your wardrobe. #thriftingisthriving #showmeyourthrifts


Finding balance between second-hand, vintage and sustainable luxury brands. These are not just essentials for your wardrobe, but essential to the wellbeing of your life + style and the planet. I don’t think it’s attainable to list items I personally wouldn’t spend my money on nor do I think it’s acceptable to shop fast fashion. There are too many products out there, either preloved or made with fair production practices, that deserve our dollars! Hopefully you’ll find some of them at the SML shop...

(S)econdhand - Thrifted/Vintage
adjective: (of goods) having had a previous owner; not new.

"a secondhand car"

synonyms: used, old, worn, preowned, handed-down, hand-me-down, castoff; informal preloved "secondhand clothes"

  • denoting a store or shop where previously owned goods can be bought.

    "a secondhand bookstore"

(M)inimal - Essentials

adjective: of a minimum amount, quantity, or degree; negligible.

"a minimal amount of information"

synonyms: very little, minimum, the least (possible); More

(L)ife-style - Sustainable
noun: the way in which a person or group lives.

synonyms: way of life, way of living, life, situation, fate, lot; More

  • denoting advertising or products designed to appeal to a consumer by association with a desirable lifestyle.

    modifier noun: lifestyle; modifier noun: life-style